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Phonetics Laboratory


Past Phonetics&Phonology seminars

2021 Lent programme

26 Jan

Dr Constantijn Kaland, Cologne

Contour clustering: a tool for exploring prototypical f0 patterns

16 Feb

Yibing Shi

Tone sandhi in (Ningbo & Xiangshan) Chinese Wu

23 Feb

Dr Scott Sadowsky, PUC Chile

Mergers in Chilean Spanish: the end of the phoneme as we know it?

2 Mar

Dr Kai Alter, Newcastle

The sense of sounds: Brain responses to phonotactic frequency, phonological grammar and lexical meaning

9 Mar

Dr Adam Chong (QMUL)

Aspects of Singapore English intonation

16 Mar

Yixin Zhang

Representations of Mandarin Neutral Tones

23 Mar

Alice Paver

Regional Variation and Multiethnolects in British Pakistani men


2020 Michaelmas programme

20 Oct

Madeleine Rees

Speech perception & production integration in bilinguals: primary findings

3 Nov

Chenming Gao

Word prosody and focus in Khorchin Mongolian and Buryat

10 Nov

Tim Laméris

L2 perception and acquisition of tone : preliminary findings of an online study

17 Nov No seminar

Language sciences symposium

24 Nov Katrina(Kechun) Li

Perception of Cantonese focus


2020 Summer programme

18 Aug

Jasper Sim

Investigating variation in tonal scaling and alignment in young bilingual children

25 Aug

Meg Zellers (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)

Integrating multiple communicative systems in conversation: prosody, gesture, and turn-taking in German and Swedish

1 Sept

Maria Dokovova (Queen Margaret University)

Bulgarian vowel reduction in unstressed position: an ultrasound and acoustic investigation

22 Sept

John Coleman (University of Oxford)

Workshop: Methods for Large-Scale Data Analysis


2020 Easter programme

28 Apr

Adrian Simpson (Uni Jena) and Melanie Weirich (ZAS Berlin)

The spectral structure of sibilance and the perception of gender

5 May

Yinxing Yue (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Pre-attentive speech perception indexed by neural suppression of auditory evoked potentials

13 May (Wed!)

Ian Cross (Fac. of Music)

Sociability: music as communication

19 May

Kirsty McDougall

Introducing the IVIP project: Improving Voice Identification Procedures

2 June

Julia Schwarz

Influences of varying form overlap and syllable boundaries on accessing suffixed words in the mental lexicon

9 June

Deepthi Gopal

Is phonological similarity phonetic similarity?

16 June

Tim Laméris

Which learner-specific tools facilitate active and passive word recall in a tonal pseudolanguage?

23 June


Linda Gerlach, Oxford Wave Research

Exploring the relationship between voice similarity estimates by listeners and by an automatic speaker recognition system incorporating phonetic features.

21 July

Jim Scobbie, Queen Margaret University

Me, You and It: three interlocking perspectives on Phonetics and Phonologies

28 July

Peggy Mok, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The acquisition of complex phonological patterns: Xiamen tone sandhi circle


2020 Lent programme

21 Jan

Bob Ladd


Two problems in the analysis of tone-melody matching in tone language singing

– part of the Language and Music Seminar, Lecture Room 1, Faculty of Music

28 Jan

Tim Laméris

Jasper Sim

Active word recall in a tonal pseudolanguage

Variability in the development of coda stops in bilingual children in Singapore

4 Feb

Yibing Shi

Disyllabic tone sandhi in Ningbo Wu Chinese.

11 Feb

Kirsty McDougall, Richard Rhodes, Martin Duckworth, Peter French and Christin Kirchhübel

Application of the ‘TOFFA’ framework to the analysis of disfluencies in forensic phonetic casework.

18 Feb

Deepthi Gopal

The phonetics and phonology of the Jutland Danish rhotic

17 March

Calbert Graham (RFB146)

Deep learning in native language identification from L2 speech: advances and challenges in spectrogram image processing.

24 March

BAAP practice session