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Voice Identification and the Law - DMU Events

This webinar recording outlines some of the practical issues and legal issues surrounding the use of voice identification in court, in particular the use of voice parades. Dr Kirsty McDougall (Assistant Professor of Phonetics, University of Cambridge) discusses the role of the forensic phonetician in practice and outlines how voice parades are assembled and conducted. Jeremy Robson (Senior Lecturer in Law, De Montfort University), gives an overview of the law in England and Wales in relation to aspects of voice identification.


1:02 - Introduction and welcome (5 mins)

20:32 - Introduction to the role of the Forensic Phonetician: Dr Kirsty McDougall (30 mins)

51:35 - Voice identification and the Law: Jeremy Robson (30 mins)

1:22:50 - Introduction to the IVIP project: Dr Kirsty McDougall (10 mins)

1:33:36 - Questions and closing remarks (15 mins)

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