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Phonetics Laboratory


Here you can find links to news articles and features on members of the Phonetics Lab.


Recent news

Students from the Phonetics Lab win recognition for their research at PaPE conference.

Congratulations to Maddy Rees for winning Best student oral presentation at the Phonetics and Phonology in Europe conference, and to Tim Laméris for the Special mention he received for his poster.

Overseas Institutional Visit grants awarded to Phonetics Lab members.

Julia Schwarz has been awarded an ESRC dtp Overseas Institutional Visit grant to spend three months at the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain and Language, San Sebastian, Spain. Julia will be joining the Brain Rhythms and Cognition group under the supervision of Dr. Nicola Molinaro and Dr. Anastasia Klimovich-Gray. During her research visit, Julia will be working with combined MEG / EEG datasets from individuals with diagnosed dyslexia to investigate the effects that dyslexia may have on auditory single word processing, and how these effects may be modulated by word frequency.

Tim Laméris has been awarded an ESRC dtp Overseas Institutional Visit grant to spend a term abroad at the Department of Linguistics at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Tim will audit graduate courses in phonology and prosody, and he also plans to work on a collaborative project investigating the L2 perception of dynamic intonational contours, supervised by Prof. Mariapaola D'Imperio.