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Our team of researchers is based across four universities in the UK; the University of Cambridge, De Montfort University Leicester, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Oxford. 

University of Cambridge

Dr Kirsty McDougall

Kirsty McDougall is the Principal Investigator for the IVIP project, coordinating research across all four strands, particularly focusing on strands 1 and 2. ​Her research interests are in speaker characteristics, forensic phonetics, and the phonetic realisation of varieties of English.







Professor Francis Nolan

Francis is a Co-Investigator on the project, advising on all four strands. His research centres on theoretical, auditory, and experimental phonetics; prosody; speaker characteristics; forensic phonetics; and connected speech processes.








Alice Paver

Alice is the Cambridge-based Research Assistant for IVIP, assisting with planning, designing, and running experiments for strands 1, 2 and 3 of the project. Her research interests include forensic phonetics, sociophonetics, and accents of English in the UK. 

De Monfort University Leicester

Jeremy Robson

Jeremy Robson is the project's lead Co-Investigator for De Montfort University, working on strand 4 of the IVIP project. His main research interests are in criminal evidence and procedure including voice identification.


Nottingham Trent University

Professor Natalie Braber

Natalie Braber is a Co-Investigator, focussing on strand 3 of the project, Her main research interests are sociolinguistics, accents and dialects (particularly of the East Midlands), 'pit talk' of East Midlands coal miners, perceptual dialectology, language and identity, language as intangible heritage and forensic voices.






Dr Nikolas Pautz

Nikolas is the Nottingham-based Research Associate on the IVIP project, mainly assisting in strand 1 of the project. His research interests include dual-process accounts of learning and memory and how individual differences in mental states, mental capacities, and sociodemographics play a role in determining the strategies used in different contexts.




Dr Harriet Smith

Harriet is the lead co-investigator at Nottingham Trent, leading the research in strand 1 of the project. Harriet's research focuses on identity discrimination in forensic and security settings (voice identification, face identification, face-voice matching and face matching).







Dr David Wright

David is a co-investigator focusing on strand 3 of the project. He is a forensic linguist and senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. His aims to help improve the delivery of justice using language analysis. His research spans across a range of intersections between language and the law and justice, language in crime and evidence, and discourses of abuse, harassment and discrimination.






Peter Goodwin

Peter is a Nottingham-based Research Associate on the IVIP project and assists in strand 1 of the project. His research interests include how visual attention is used in structured environments and how the visual system processes different types of images.

University of Oxford

Katrin Mueller-Johnson

Katrin is the lead Co-Investigator at the University of Oxford, leading the research in strand 4 of the project and contributing to strand 1. She is Associate Professor of Criminology at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford. A psychologist and criminologist, she works on issues in the intersection between psychology and law. She also conducts research on victimisation and on improving criminal justice responses to vulnerable victims and witnesses of crime.