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Phonetics Laboratory



Here you will find a sample of recent poster presentations from members of the lab. This is by no means an exhaustive list of our research output, but will give visitors a flavour of the diverse range of research topics we engage in here at the Phonetics Lab. Current or prospective members may also find this a useful resource for inspiration, whether it be research topics or poster formatting/layout. Feel free to get in touch with the author/s by clicking on the corresponding profile link/s where you can find their contact details.



Author Poster title Conference
Steph Cooper, Sarah Cooper

Exposure-independent comprehension of Greek-accented speech: evidence from New Zealand listeners

ICPhS 2023
Linda Gerlach, Kirsty McDougall, Finnian Kelly and Anil Alexander

Voice twins: discovering extremely similar-sounding, unrelated speakers

Chloe Patman, Kirsty McDougall, Paul Foulkes

Exploring the effects of face coverings on the perception of female speech: Insights from an audio-visual and exposure experiment

Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, 2023
Alice Paver, David Wright, Natalie Braber Exploring the influence of voice stereotypes on incorrect selections in voice parades BAAP 2024
Madeleine Rees, Abbie Bradshaw, Brechtje Post, Matthew H. Davis.  Language dominance is associated with greater speech motor adaptation in unbalanced bilinguals Society for the Neurobiology of Language Annual Meeting, 2023
Julia Schwarz, Katrina Li, Jasper Hong Sim, Yixin Zhang, Elizabeth Buchanan-Worter, Brechtje Post, Jenny Gibson, Kirsty McDougall Speech Perception through Face Masks by Children and Adults Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, 2021
Julia Schwarz, Mikel Lizarazu, Marie Lallier, Anastasia Klimovich-Gray Phonological encoding and lexical processing of spoken words in dyslexia: linking behaviour and neural responses Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, 2023
Yutong Wang, Mitko Sabev Rime changes and mergers in Beijing retroflex suffixation: an acoustic study ICPhS, 2023