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Phonetics Laboratory

Individual Differences, L2 Speech, Lexical Tone, Psycholinguistics, Japanese


Tim Laméris was at the Phonetics Lab as PhD student and Teaching Associate in Phonetics from 2018-2022. He is currently at Leiden University. His PhD research, supervised by Brechtje Post, investigated the influences of language background and non-linguistic factors (such as musical experience and working memory) on the ability to learn words in tone languages. He is also interested in Japanese linguistics and taught Japanese language courses in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies during his time at Cambridge.


L2 Speech acquisition, Lexical Tone, Psycholinguistics, Japanese


Key publications: 

Laméris, T. J. (2022). The Effect of L1 Pitch Status and Extralinguistic Factors on L2 Tone Learning. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2022, 708-712. 

Laméris, T. J. (2022). L2 Perception of Contrastive Vowel Nasality in Brazilian Portuguese. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 15 (1):141-174.   

Laméris, T. J., & Post, B. (2022). The combined effects of L1-specific and extralinguistic factors on individual performance in a tone categorization and word identification task by English-L1 and Mandarin-L1 speakers. Second Language Research

Laméris, T. J., & Graham C. (2020). L2 Perception and Production of Japanese Lexical Pitch: A Suprasegmental Similarity Account”. Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2 (1):106-36. 

Other publications: 

See my ORCID for a full list of publications. 

Teaching and Supervisions


Li1 (Sounds and Words) Phonetics Lectures - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Li6 (Phonetics) Practicals - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Li1 (Sounds and Words) Supervisions - Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

J4 (Modern Japanese 2) Intermediate Grammar - Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

J4 (Modern Japanese 2) Reading and Speaking Supervisions - Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Japanese for Sinologists - Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Research supervision: 

Part IIB Dissertation Supervision - Section of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Other Professional Activities

Former Lab Member